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Associate Software Developer

Raghvendra Roy

Experienced Software Engineer with 8+ years in ReactJS development. Skilled in Agile methodology, frontend performance, and cloud solutions.

Professional Skills

Planning 80%
Consulting 95%
Management 89%
Development 90%

Experience & Activities

Experienced Software Engineer with over 8 years of proven expertise in ReactJS development. Proficient in Agile methodology, including Scrum calls, client interaction, and delivering under tight deadlines. Known for strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a quick adaptability to new technologies and environments.

I specialize in requirement analysis, design, and development, focusing on creating new functionalities and API calls tailored to client needs. I excel in monitoring and improving frontend performance using the latest React features and JavaScript standards. I have integrated various libraries and APIs across UI and backend systems to enhance portal functionality.

Experienced in designing and developing cost-effective cloud solutions using Azure and AWS services. Proficient in a wide range of technologies including NextJS, TypeScript, Redux, ContextAPI, JavaScript, C#, ASP .NET, MVC, MSSQL, REST web services, and microservices. Utilizes tools like Visual Studio Code, SQL Developer, GitHub, and Azure for efficient development and collaboration. Skilled in UI technologies such as Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Material UI, Tailwind CSS, and Styled Components. Proficient in databases including MySQL and MongoDB.

My exceptional organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills facilitate effective teamwork and stakeholder engagement. I have a proven track record of planning, tracking, and managing deliverables across sprints and deployments using Agile methodologies like Kanban Board, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, and Poker Planning.