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Global Delivery Manager

Pankaj Sharma

Experienced IT Consultant with 15 years of expertise in project management, agile implementation, and QA automation. Passionate about technology and fostering inclusive work environments.

Experience & Activities

As an IT Consultant with 15 years of experience, I bring a wealth of expertise in project management, people management, agile implementation, end-to-end project deliveries, and QA automation. My passion for technology is complemented by a strong dedication to connecting with others, embracing the philosophy of empathy over judgment.

Project management and QA automation are the cornerstones of my leadership approach. I thrive on creating inclusive and supportive work environments, recognizing that a motivated workforce is crucial for success. By prioritizing understanding individual needs and aspirations, I ensure that team members are not only productive but also engaged and satisfied in their roles.

My extensive experience includes leading diverse teams through complex projects, implementing agile methodologies to enhance efficiency and adaptability, and ensuring the highest standards of quality through robust QA automation practices. I excel in fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

With a deep commitment to both technological excellence and human connection, I strive to create environments where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best work. My holistic approach to IT consulting combines technical expertise with a compassionate leadership style, resulting in successful projects and thriving teams.