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Harsh Malviya

Dedicated and zeal driven Software Developer with 4+ years of experience in Full Stack development with ReactJS, typescript, NextJS, NodeJS, Express. Having analytical skills and problem solving abilities.

Professional Skills

Planning 80%
Consulting 95%
Management 89%
Development 90%

Experience & Activities

Dedicated and zeal-driven Software Developer with over 4 years of experience in full stack development, specializing in ReactJS, TypeScript, NextJS, NodeJS, and Express. Possesses strong analytical skills and exceptional problem-solving abilities. Experienced in utilizing the latest technologies, languages, and tools, including ES6, JavaScript, React-Redux, MongoDB, SQL Server, ExpressJS, unit testing, JIRA, Jenkins, Docker, and version control systems like Git and ADO.

As a Full Stack Developer, consistently delivers high-quality solutions and demonstrates hands-on expertise in both front-end and back-end development. Adept at creating robust and scalable applications, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for staying updated with industry trends and advancements. Proven ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines and adapt quickly to new environments and technologies. Strong communication skills and a collaborative approach make them an invaluable team player, committed to driving project success and delivering exceptional results.